Wild Woman Energy Forecast for March 2021

by | Mar 4, 2021

Welcome to the energy update for March 2021!

The main themes that are covered are:

  • ease, flow, softness & gentleness as THE main theme for this month
  • deepening our divine feminine practices: dropping into our womb, connecting with mother Earth, being still, allowing & receiving – you’ll be guided through a gentle energy transmission/clearing/upgrade
  • holding ourselves in love (as a big key to integrating our wild woman) so we can hold others in love
  • 3 self-care practices most aligned in March
  • the emergence of Earth/Nature Priestesses and Sacred Guardians of Nature and how to figure out what your specific mission is
  • the energy of March: slow beginning, gentle expansion from the equinox on – especially if we work with our divine feminine wisdom

You can either watch the video or read the transcription below. I’d love to hear what you take away from this energy update! I invite you to email me any questions or feedback, you’d like to share, or join the conversation on Instagram.


Wild Woman Energy Forecast for March 2021

(transcript slightly edited for your reading pleasure)

Hi sweet souls, welcome to this Wild Woman Energy Update for March!

You might have noticed that there is a different name to this energy forecast. I feel the divine feminine energies are really grounding at the moment. They have been for the past half a year or so. And I feel like the wild woman is really bringing these frequencies into our body, making them more tangible and also feeling a bit more juicy and exciting. They are bringing in this connection with the Earth and nature. So it feels really good to have this name change.

Let’s dive into the themes for March. I’ll give you a quick overview so that you know what to expect:

The main theme: ease, flow, softness and gentleness

So the big theme that came through is: ease, flow, softness and gentleness. So it’s really these feminine qualities that we’re invited to explore and integrate and cultivate for ourselves first, so that we then can share them with others.

And there are three different points that will help us integrate and explore these aspects. So the first one is is our connection with our womb and mother Earth. I’ll go into detail later, but I’ll give you the overview.

Then holding ourselves in love and then we can also hold others in love and the planet in love. And the ongoing theme, if you’ve watched the other energy updates, is self-care. So filling our own cups connecting with nature making this a priority.

First, I’d like to do a quick introduction for those of you who don’t know me yet: my name is Deborah, I’m an intuitive channel and healer and I’ve been working with divine feminine energy for the past five years in myself and with others in one-on-one settings and groups. I’m always also working with the divine masculine, because these two always go together.

When the divine feminine embraces a shift usually the divine masculine will step up as well and they will meet at a new level. So this happens inside and then shows up outside.

And for the past year and a half I’ve been working with Priestess energy, which has been showing up in my life ever since my awakening path started about 10 years ago. You can learn a bit more about my own Priestess journey, on my website (click here and then scroll down a bit).

I had a vision in 2012 and I’ll spare you the details now, you can read about it on my website, but it’s been showing up really strongly and asking me to integrate my gifts so that I can show up for others who feel this call.

Priestess energy is such a vital aspect of the divine feminine. It holds so many of the suppressed aspects, like our psychic abilities and gifts, our healing gifts, our connection with our womb and mother Earth and nature, our abilities as seers and as bridges who connect heaven and Earth and who can relay messages and guidance for others because they can see the bigger picture and the connections others may not be able to conceive.

These are all vital aspects for the years to come, because we will need many bridge makers who help everyone make sense of these shifts that are occurring. At the same time I feel we also need many people who can tune into nature and work with nature so that we can find back to a balance and harmony.

This is something that I have been integrating on a personal level since last fall and this will be showing up more and more in what I’ll be sharing with you all in the future. So that’s about me so far.

Let’s dive into the energy for March:

As I said: ease, flow, softness and gentleness. And I was kind of laughing inside because my guides showed me that the new title will be wild woman energy forecast.

Usually when we think of the wild woman we might think of this warrior type woman, a very fierce woman who will take no sh*t and step forward and walk her path. And that’s definitely an important and strong aspect of the wild woman.

But what I found in working with her is that it also takes a lot of gentleness and a lot of love to integrate all aspects of the wild woman – and to integrate the wounded inner child that holds these gifts of the wild woman, but didn’t feel safe to embody them.

So I feel like that’s why the theme at the moment is gentleness and ease and flow and softness. Because we are learning to come back to the divine feminine inside and most of us haven’t learned this in our Western societies.

We’ve all been conditioned to be in our minds and keep going, keep doing stuff. So for me it’s been quite challenging to embrace the guidance to slow down, to be in stillness, to trust, to cultivate patience and to allow myself to receive. I feel that’s the biggest shift that’s happening at the moment.

Let’s take a breath,

because it feels like it’s quite an intense energy. And when I’m talking and when I’m doing these energy forecasts, there’s always the energy flowing through. [also through the written word] So it’s also an energy transmission for you and you can just allow yourself to take it in.

[Keep breathing] Okay, so let’s release the resistance to slowing down and to embracing stillness and to trusting that what we need is going to come to us. We can simply drop into our womb, become still, relax and be open to what’s there and allow it to come in.

Connecting with our womb wisdom & mother Earth

So let’s move to the second point on the list as we’re guided to connect with our womb.

Whenever I take time to meditate and clear my energy I will first connect with my heart and then see where i’m guided. And for the past two months or since the around the solstice I think I’ve been noticing that usually I will be guided to connect from my heart down to my womb and then down to mother Earth.

And it may look a little bit different for you and it can change each day a little bit, so trust your own perception and guidance. I feel that connecting with our womb really helps us bring our center of gravity down and helps us land and anchor in our physical bodies which is really important in everything in our lives.

I noticed that the more I land in my body and feel embodied the more comfortable I feel in my body and the more comfortable I feel around other people, because I know I’m in my body and not entangled in their energy.

Because as an empath and someone with lots of trauma in her system, for me it was usually easier and also safer to be out of the body. I was and still am very in tune with what’s going on around me, but it can be exhausting.

So we need to find safety in our own bodies, and connecting with our womb and this feminine energy can really help us pull our energy in and down and connect with this nourishing loving feminine energy that we hold in our womb and that we kept safe there for many lifetimes. And it also connects you down to mother Earth.

So you can close your eyes and drop into your womb and simply open up, set the intention to connect with mother Earth in whatever way feels most aligned for you, and give it some time and space.

And if you’re new to this then maybe give it a few more opportunities, because it takes time for us to feel safe to open up to these energies within and to come home in the body and to feel safe on mother Earth. And you can watch this again and receive the support of these frequencies as well.

And you might feel, you might notice that you start to feel heavier and more present in your body more grounded on your seat. And this is your presence in your vessel. So you can really imagine being present in this vessel and being open to receive. And it takes practice, it takes trust and it takes letting go of expectations of impatience, of pressure and then the magic can happen.

So maybe you can drop even deeper, sink more deeply into your hips and feel that mother Earth is holding you, supporting you and nourishing you.

And it serves us this month to spend time in in this presence in our vessel, in our womb, in stillness, simply being present and allowing ourselves to receive, allowing ourselves to receive the guidance we need for these transformative transition times, so that we can learn how to work with these energies, because they are very different to our masculine ways.

Holding ourselves in love

And the next point is holding ourselves in love. So as always when we drop within when we embody more and call our soul essence in more, there will be stuff coming up, emotions, fears, limiting beliefs.

And what’s most important then, I feel, is to hold ourselves in love, to remember this theme of gentleness and tenderness and ease and flow and make it a conscious practice to each day. Whenever there is something challenging, something that shakes you up or that kind of pulls you out of your focus, first of all hold yourself in love, not trying to fix anything, not trying to put yourself down or doubt yourself, but simply connecting with your Highest Self and asking for the support to hold yourself in love.

For our human aspect it can often be difficult to hold ourselves in love, but we do have our Higher Selves and our support teams, and they can hold us in love and support us, until we feel the love inside ourselves as well.

So let’s give this some time to land. You can breathe into your heart and let your heart expand. Receive the love of your Higher Self and your support team and you can direct it anywhere you need it. It doesn’t have to flow through your heart, it can. And for many of us it’s easiest to access our love through our heart, but always trust your guidance.

Self-care in March

Okay, the last aspect is filling our own cup, and what came through especially was time in nature, which is great, because it’s getting warmer here in the Northern hemisphere and I assume, it’s still beautiful also in the Southern hemisphere.

So regular time in nature is one thing, because nature always has such a clear energy and will help us recalibrate and support us in any way we need. Then the second thing is gentle touch and tenderness towards your body, so really connecting with our physical body.

What I saw was getting a body oil or lotion that smells really nice and makes you feel good and taking this time to connect with your body. And generally doing things that we really enjoy, so things that make us laugh and make us feel alive and create capacity for more joy and pleasure in our lives.

The messengers & protectors of Nature are being prepared for their new missions

I’m just taking a moment to tune in and see if there’s anything else… yeah, there is something else… so with regards to regular time in nature, what I’ve been feeling and what I am seeing is that more of us who identify as or resonate with the term of Nature Priestess or Earth Priestess or Sacred Guardian of Nature are feeling more clarity or a stronger pull to embrace this aspect of being a messenger for nature or working and co-creating together with nature and becoming more visible in tiny steps.

So I’m being shown that you will feel this call and you will resonate with my words, but it’s not exactly clear right now, what your purpose and mission are. The invitation at the moment is to trust this call and to give it space, to allow this aspect of you to make itself known and to show up.

And regular time in nature and connecting with trees and plants and animals and whatever you feel guided to do will support you to strengthen your channel and develop more clarity in this aspect.

I feel this will be or this will become an important aspect of my work for the coming years because it’s just so important that we embrace this aspect of being in touch with nature and helping others to remember how connected we are.

I know that this also brings up so much fear – fears of judgment and ridicule and not knowing where to start, feeling called to do bold steps, but not wanting to expose yourself too much,… I’m working through this at the moment and giving it some space and time.

Let me know, how you resonate with this and if there are any questions or any observations that you’d like to share. 

Energy overview for March: slow start, gentle opening at the equinox

Before we end this, I feel like I’ll just add this really quickly that we’re still in a slower period for the next two to three weeks. I feel it’s already feeling lighter and I’m sure you’ve noticed this too. You might have been feeling the life force coming back, but it’s not time yet to push or to jump ahead. It’s really a time to be gentle and tender with yourself.

And then at the equinox for the rest of March I feel it’s opening up even more – which doesn’t mean that we will need to push. Because we will have integrated the lessons of the divine feminine.

We will have the support and we will sprout in our own unique ways, so there is no need to force anything, but really to drop into your womb and your being and allow. That’s probably the most profound message. I’m sorry I kept it till the end, but that’s when it wanted to come through. 🙂

Thank you for listening and for staying till the end. I’d love to hear what you took away from it and I look forward to connecting with you soon. Take care and lots of love.


Thank you for being here and connecting with me.

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