Priestess Activation

Intuitive guidance & energy activation for healers, intuitives, nature lovers, visionaries and change-makers who feel called to lead from their most powerful self.

Welcome, sister

The path of the priestess is a highly unique endeavour.

It calls you.

It speaks deeply to your soul and invites you to embrace all parts of you:

✧ your magic,
✧ your unique healing gifts,
✧ your authentic soul expression,

✧ your light,
✧ your depth,
✧ and your darkness.

You have heard this call.

Your soul has come for exactly this.

Deep down you know and have always known that you are a priestess.

You long to serve your tribe and share your wisdom and magic with the world.

But you’ve realised that being a priestess comes with very old wounds. And they might stop you in your tracks:

deep fears of being visible, being judged or being prosecuted for who you are

✧ disconnection from your feminine energy, your passion and your capacity to experience pleasure

✧ a deep distrust towards the masculine energy, the material world and possibly your physical body

These wounds can show up in many different forms and might not always be fully conscious to you.

They might hold you back from creating success in your business.

They might keep you from experiencing true intimacy and sexual fulfilment.

They might cut you off from joy, ease and pleasure and make you believe that life is hard.

Let me tell you something I wish I had known years ago:

Healing these wounds in your unique way is your initiation into priestesshood – and your gift to the collective.

Yes, you are already serving the world more than you can imagine by following your soul’s calling!

And let me assure you, you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

We have vowed to do this together and we are leaving no sister behind.

I’m here for you when you need me.

I will hold space for you and support you – from one priestess to another.

With love, integrity and an open heart.

It’s time to let go of the last shadows and illusions that keep you stuck and hiding in the dark. 

You are needed at the forefront now.

You are meant to share your gifts and thrive.

You are meant to stand tall in your beauty, in your light and in your power.

You are meant to anchor new frequencies and hold space for the birth of a new era.

The time is now.

And you know this.

My Priestess Awakening

In 2012, I had a vision of myself as a High Priestess in Atlantis. It was a life-changing moment for me, but looking back I had no idea about what was lying ahead of me.

Up until then I had tried to find my place in the “normal world”. I had tried to fit in and get a job that allowed me to express myself creatively, gave me a sense of satisfaction and made my parents proud. But for some reason I couldn’t make it happen and felt more and more like a failure.

My awakening inner priestess made it clear to me that my soul had other plans. She reminded me of ancient life times and of who I really was. 

After that initial vision, I would sometimes have flashes of insights where my 3rd eye opened and I could see myself standing in front of a temple. I also experienced some deep soul encounters where I could feel past life connections with a person I had just met. 

All of these signs and synchronicities helped nurture this awakening seed of inner knowing: that I once was a High Priestess in Atlantis, Avalon and Lemuria – and that my soul somehow wanted to bring this energy back into my life now.

But I had a really hard time understanding what to do with this information. There was a deep longing and a feeling of “home” I could neither deny nor explain. But my mind was very judgmental and I couldn’t see how anyone could be a priestess in our modern world, least of all me.

And so I went on with my life, only thinking about priestess energy when it hit me right in my face. 

The following years were intense years of inner and outer learning. I worked with different healers, channels and intuitives, and I experienced a few very deep and intense soul encounters. 

All of them in their own ways activated more of my inner knowing, including memories from past life times. And there seemed to be a red thread: Atlantis, Avalon and Lemuria – and my deep connection with nature.

Low and behold I could come to terms with the fact that I wasn’t making any of this up.

I could finally accept my path and embrace the longing of my soul to embody priestess energy in this life.

Let me assure you, it wasn’t a smooth ride. The intensity of these encounters and flashbacks overwhelmed me at times and then I subconsciously shut down my connection to the unseen worlds again.

My body and my family system subconsciously responded to the changes in me. I had health issues that reflected the fear of my path, and I needed to untangle myself from my family of origin in order to reclaim my power and my authentic being.

For a long time I found myself meandering between two worlds: the rational world and the family I grew up in that didn’t understand or even denied my awakening experiences – and the unseen world, my connection with Atlantis, Avalon, Lemuria, with the nature realms and spirit world that felt so familiar, so cozy and joyful, like my true home.

I had to learn to be discerning, to call in the right support and to really use my tools. I needed to fully commit to living my truth and face my biggest fears. I needed to learn that I could fully rely on myself. None of this was easy. And I’m so grateful for my loving mentors who could already see me in my greatness when I was working my way through the mud.

Looking back it feels like a miracle to me that I survived the dark nights of the soul that this path took me on. I wanted to give up and just be “normal” so many times.

But you can’t just give up on your priestess journey, can you?

And now I feel so filled with joy and gratitude that I can be there for you. Many years of this path were a lonesome struggle and I often wished for a guide and teacher in human form who could explain all the things to me that my mind was struggling with. 

But of course, there are no explanations when it’s all about trust and coming back home to our hearts. I know that now.

I also know that I cannot take away the lessons and initiations you need to go through on your priestess path. We all came here with our sacred missions and each of them is unique.

But I know that I can be the there for you in your most challenging times. I don’t want you to lose yourself in self-doubt or fear for too long. You are so precious and your wisdom and gifts are so needed now.

I will be by your side and hold your hand when you need me.

I will offer reassurance on your path and hold you in so much love that it becomes easier for you to follow your soul mission into the unknown.

I’m honored by everyone who feels drawn to reach out to me, because I know we are one big family coming together now in these times of immense change.

We vowed to bring back the sacred knowledge from Atlantis, Avalon, Lemuria and other ancient places, once the time was right and it was safe again.

You are hearing this call. 

Trust it.

The time is now.

If this speaks to you deep in your heart and you would like to take the next step on your unique path, please get in touch.

Book a free call, so that we can both get a feel for each other and see, if this is the aligned next step for you.

What you can expect…

This priestess activation is a safe space for you to step into and reconnect with your priestess energy.

Priestesses are bridges between heaven and Earth. You are here to serve humanity and nature during this immense shift in consciousness by being true to yourself and creating a life that truly nourishes and fulfills you.

Being in this Priestess Activation container will support you to gain clarity on your unique gifts and your unique path as a Priestess in this life.

✧ It will offer reassurance and activate a deep inner knowing so that you can feel with every fibre of your being that this is indeed your path and not wishful thinking or something that you made up.

✧ It will strengthen and activate your deep connection with nature and the support of the nature realm so that you will be able to embody and live your soul purpose in a much more grounded way.

✧ It will reconnect you more deeply with the mysteries of the divine feminine, the sacred wisdom that lies in your womb and your genitals, so that you can embody the grace, dignity and pleasure of being a woman in every cell of your being and radiate that into the world.

✧ It will strengthen and activate your psychic senses, so that you gain a deeper understanding around your unique gifts and how to share them with the world in a balanced flow of giving and receiving.

✧ It will further initiate you into the loving community of priestesses stepping into their leadership roles around the world now, so that you can attract your soul tribe and feel nourished, loved and supported by your soul family.

Hi, my name is Deborah.

I am an intuitive channel and healer, a priestess and energy alchemist, a nature lover and artist.

I will be your hostess and guide.
I will be by your side and translate the information that is coming in for you.

I know that you have worked hard to come to this point in your life.

I honour your dedication and commitment.

It’s time to come home, sister. ♡

What you will receive…

✧ Being held in a 3+ months container

Courageous Priestess, if you feel called to dive deep and fully embody the priestess that you are, I feel so honoured to welcome you into this safe and sacred container.

The priestess journey is a sacred endavour and therefore cannot and should not be rushed. Based on my experience, I recommend a time commitment of 3-6 months. However, you are welcome to stay even longer in order to allow yourself the transformation journey filled with the grace and ease that you deserve.

Giving yourself this time and space will allow you to not only to do the energy work, but to fully embrace and embody your gifts on a practical level.

In addition to the outer-worldly, amazing energy work, there will be lots of practical support, e.g. on how to overcome self-doubt and fears in order to feel safe and confident as a priestess in all areas of your life.

This is a life-changing experience.

✧ Welcome PDF

As soon as you have made your (first) payment and officially stepped into this container, you will receive a welcome pdf with a channeled written energy journey. 

Doing this energy journey by yourself will prepare you for our first session. It was created with the intention to support you to release past information that is no longer serving you and set intentions for your time in the Priestess Activation container.

This also allows us to start with a clear, clean and high energy, so that we can go right into the juicy stuff in the first session.

✧ 1:1 Sessions

Each month we will meet for one OR two 1:1 sessions. These sessions are tailored to your specific needs and are a combination of channeled guidance, energy transmissions, sharing from my own lived experience as well as holding space for you as you learn to use your own tools and abilities.

If you want to, you’ll receive recordings of these sessions so that you can re-listen and go deeper by yourself.

My intention is to support you to

– embrace all parts of who you are,
– feel safe 
to step into this new, more expanded, more powerful version of yourself and fully embody it,
– trust your own timing
feel confident in your channel and psychic abilities,
– know how to receive guidance and information for yourself and others and
– get clear on how your soul wants to be of service to mother Earth and the highest good of all in this life.

✧ Priestess Virtual Coffee/Tea (optional)

Once every 3 months, you are invited to book a casual virtual coffee/tea chat from one priestess to another. I honestly LOVE these little gatherings.

Being a priestess doesn’t have to be all hard work, on the contrary. Virtual coffee is a space to have fun while enjoying some real talk from one priestess to another to normalise who we truly are!

Here you are welcome to share what’s been going on for you as you integrate your priestess gifts into your life and/or work and you can ask any questions that may have arisen from our previous sessions. There will not be any energy work, but we’ll have meaningful, inspiring, uplifting conversastions only real, human, multi-dimensional priestesses can have. 🙂

A virtual coffee/tea is meant to
adress any questions, doubts or fears that may have come up
– make 
embodying your priestess gifts more real and tangible,
– help your mind process any channeled information you received,
– help you 
“fine tune” your abilities and mission in this life, and
enjoy each other’s company and the perks of being a priestess in this life!

✧ Email / Signal / WhatsApp Support

Each 1:1 session will keep working with you. As you unravel who you truly are and the powerful, magical gifts you carry, you might run into old fears or blocks. This is completely normal.

I’m here to offer support via email, WhatsApp or Signal Messenger as needed so that you don’t have to figure it all out by yourself.

✧ Written Soul Reading

Towards the end of our journey together, you will receive a written soul reading (approx. 3-5 pages) with insightful guidance and loving messages from your Priestess guides and support team.

Whenever you feel it’s time to receive the reading, you can let me know. You are welcome to send me questions or areas you’d like your spirit guides to expand on.

My intention with this reading is to provide you with an anchor, so that you can easily reconnect with your inner wisdom and divine guidance of your inner Priestess and feel safe and confident to embody it.


Are you ready to trust your soul’s calling and take the leap?

Book your Priestess Activation now

Priestess Activation Deep Dive

Welcome PDF
6 x 1:1 Sessions
1 x Virtual Coffee every 3 months

1 x Written Soul Reading
Email / Signal / WhatsApp support

Your investment:

3 months commitment
Monthly payment: € 550
Full payment: € 1550

6 months commitment
Monthly payment: € 520
Full payment: € 3000

Priestess Activation Gentle Dive

Welcome PDF
3 x 1:1 Sessions
1 x Virtual Coffee every 3 months

1 x Written Soul Reading
Email / Signal / WhatsApp support

Your investment:

3 months commitment
Monthly payment: € 350
Full payment: € 950

6 months commitment
Monthly payment: € 325
Full payment: € 1850

Priestess Activation. Your time is now.

Since this offer contains lots of personal 1:1 work, places are limited. If you feel excited and ready to step into this beautiful and powerful container, please email me or book a free connection call by clicking the button below. Let’s have a chat, get to know each other and co-create the highest outcome. I look forward to hearing from you, beautiful soul sister!

If you feel a resounding “Yes!” and a wave of excitement and joy in your belly, please book a call and let’s take it from there.

Kind words about my work:

“I am amazing! All the intentions I made when starting the Priestess Activation with you are now in place!

Things are unfolding at superspeed and everything is developing soo fast. Its a bit of a roller rollercoster but I love it. Support just keeps coming in whenever I need it 🤍

What’s best is: I can describe my skills to other people now! I see what I am good at. I understand how to use my skillset in my work.

It’s such a gamechanger. And with this knowledge I can really level up my work and take big steps towards my vision.

C. N.


I have been lucky enough to work with Deborah in 1:1 sessions and group online programs. Before I started my soul journey with her I had never meditated. My sessions have been focused on self-love, working with my intuition and connecting with my sacred sexuality.

The meditations are beautiful and clear and I come out feeling perfectly aligned. My reiki healer has found  since working with Deborah my chakras are now  balanced and energy flow is strong. 

Amber Forder


Dear Deborah, thank you for your soul reading. There’s so much love energy flowing through your words I am bowled over. It’s like a tangible wisdom wave! You were very accurate and the action steps provided were so helpful. Thank you once again.”

Dominique Oyston


Working with Deborah was a wonderful experience. I have never worked with a healer or intuitive with such power and capabilities. I’m still speechless about how much has shifted and been released in only one session.



“I would like to thank you for this beautiful circle on Monday. It was so powerful and gave me the strength I needed to let go and to stay motivated for my current project. So magical. Thank you!”



“Thank you Deborah for this powerful meditation! I just watched it and the words that really got me to soften, release and cry were ‘remember how to be a woman’… it was a deep, deep longing that came up and was made visible. Thank you for those tears and insights… so much inside that has been suppressed. Wow.

Thank you so much for everything you’ve shared with us and for shining your light!”



“What changed during our session amazingly was: my heart! My heart that had felt like a small, contracted coin opened up and all of a sudden felt completely free and spacious and it could reconnect with my belly and my whole body.

I can finally breathe into my heart and with my heart – open, free and wide! It feels simply amazing. Thank you, dear Deborah, for this wonderful, incredible joint work!”

Doris D.


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