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This healing journey back home to yourself is such a big adventure. It can be exciting and blissful as well as overwhelming and challenging all in one day! The more you are centered in yourself and aware of what’s going on energetically inside and outside of you, the easier it will be to respond to these shifts.

Taking time to connect within, clearing your energy and setting intentions in alignment with your heart’s desires are daily rituals that will make a big difference. I’m sharing some of my preferred practises here with you. Feel free to adapt them in a way that suits you or simply immerse yourself in the healing energies that call you.


Ground and Center

This short guided meditation is easy to integrate into a busy day and will help you to stay centered in your own energy. Especially when listening repeatedly you’ll notice feeling more present in your body, stronger boundaries and a better connection with your intuition among other things. 

Listen by clicking on the arrow below. 

Drop Into Your Heart

This meditation helps you calm your thoughts and drop into your heart to gain clarity about your next steps or simply to come home inside of you.

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Reclaim Your Joy

The lovely Rachel Strivelli of Soulpioneer invited me to channel a guided meditation for the participants of her “Reclaim Your Life – Reclaim Your Joy” challenge. I loved what came through. If this video calls you, I invite you to get comfortable, relax and reconnect with the love and wisdom of your heart.

Do you feel called to go deeper?

Is your soul longing to reveal its deeper truth and desires to you?

Do you feel a big shift waiting for you, but fear and overthinking keep you stuck?

You came here for a reason.

If you feel it’s time to remember and to bring your unique soul expression into this world, I’d love to be by your side.

I invite you to take a look at how we can work together and if you have any questions, go ahead and book a free connection call.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Sending you so much love, brave soul.

You are amazing.


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