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You feel deeply connected with nature and you know that you have amazing gifts to share that will birth a new world.


My name is Deborah Kindermann-Zeilinger. I’m an intuitive channel, nature lover, intuitive artist, and modern-day priestess.

The divine feminine is rising and so is priestess energy. When I first had a vision of myself as a priestess in 2012, I didn’t know who I could talk to or ask for personal experiences and guidance. I longed for sisterhood and connection, but I didn’t dare to share this part of me with the world yet.

I’m glad that times have changed and that technology supports us to come together in circles with kindred spirits and soul family all over the world.

Our world is evolving so much right now. We all feel the urgency to embrace our soul’s mission to usher in the new Earth. 

Many souls are being called to embrace their priestess energy and to work deeply with the wisdom of nature now. Plants and animals are longing to be heard and to share their wisdom and gifts.

It’s part of the mission of priestesses and sacred guardians of nature to channel the messages of nature and its beings. This helps shift awareness on a big scale by making the new consciousness that everything is connected and that we are all one really tangible.

If you have been feeling this call, but don’t know how exactly to embrace your soul’s mission, what your unique soul gifts are, how to use them or how to fully embrace your priestess energy in this modern-day world, know that I am here for you.

You can find free energy clearings and blog articles on my website as well as my SoundCloud and youtube channels. And I can feel that there’s more to come, so make sure you visit my website regularly.

If you long for personal assistance, have a look at my offerings below and feel free to get in touch, if you have any questions. I’m here for you and I’d love to support you on your path.

PS: On first glance it may appear as if my offers are solely for women. That’s not the case. I happily hold space for men too, as we are all being invited to integrate a new balance of the divine feminine and masculine within. I always work with both poles as needed. If you resonate with my work and energy, get in touch! It’s no coincidence our paths crossed!

♡ Embrace Your Soul’s Mission ♡

Your heart will guide you the way. 

Priestess Activation
Sacred Connection Call


Recorded at the Solstice, June 20, 2020

Meet the whales, sacred guardians of Atlantean wisdom. They are here to reassure you and help you remember your gifts and abilities acquired through life times and life times. Let yourself be immersed in the healing frequencies of the ocean, the whales and Atlantis. Remember why you came here on Earth in this life at this very special and crucial time.

Bathe in the frequencies of the solstice and clear and upgrade your physical body and energy bodies. Enjoy!

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