Wild Woman Energy Forecast for May 2021

by | May 3, 2021

Welcome to the energy update for May 2021!

This month I’m sharing even more of an energy transmission than usual together with channeled information about the month of May.

You can get comfortable, lean back and open up to receive the love, guidance and energy support that you need for the time ahead.

We live in interesting, amazing times for sure!

Before we dive in, the video starts with a short energy practise that helps you stay in alignment and surf these waves with relative ease.

The themes for this month are:

continued expansion – lean into your biggest dreams and visions and trust the unknown

showing up as our true selves – it’s not an option any more to shrink and hide, but that’s also how we will recognise each other more easily

acceleration as a deepening into our true selves – learn to be in the centre of the storm and receptive to new opportunities rather than struggling with the current energies

grounding – ways of connecting with your womb and mother Earth that help you to stay centred and aligned

You can watch the full video or listen to the audio recording below.


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