Wild Woman Energy Forecast for June 2021

by | Jun 2, 2021

Welcome to the energy update for June 2021!

This month’s energy forecast for wild women, priestesses, healers, and witches is a powerful energy transmission that supports you to tune in for the most aligned guidance and focus points for this coming month.

What’s in this energy forecast?

– a guided energy transmission that takes you deep into your womb and heart and allows you to receive your unique guidance and focus points for this coming month

– information on how to connect more deeply with nature and the plant kingdom for guidance and support

Lemurian crystal frequencies to support you in your expansion and with any physical aches and pains

clearing and releasing any dark memories from past lives in Atlantis so that you can trust more deeply in your own power again

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You can watch the full video or listen to the audio recording below.


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♡ Trust the Longings of Your Heart ♡

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