Wild Woman Energy Forecast for April 2021

by | Apr 7, 2021

Welcome to the energy update for March 2021!

The major theme for this month is expansion.

So what’s supporting us to navigate expansion into the unknown with relative ease?

These are some of the main aspects I’m talking about:

* right now you may feel some growing pains or not receiving clear guidance – that’s part of the process

* remember that on a soul level you created this experience for yourself – this might help you remember to see the beauty in it

* your mind may have a hard time understanding what’s going on, but it doesn’t have to understand

* keep cultivating the connection with your womb, as your divine feminine centre will support you to navigate these times of uncertainty with more flow and surrender

We’re also taking a look at some of the themes that were mentioned in the 2021 forecast to see how they may be more prominent than ever in our lives now:

* free self-expression is such a strong theme and deep longing, especially for many women at the moment

–) invitation to tap into our deepest desires that are stored in our womb, as they will guide us the way to create what we truly long for

–) what we may perceive as our personal struggles / desires are actually collective topics and we are healing and co-creating this together

–) finding ways to create safety so that it becomes easier to tap into this longing and find ways to experiment with your free self-expression

*trust & courage as we move into the new – it’s a time to FEEL our way forward rather than think or make plans

* an accelerated activation of our gifts and abilities as well as a merging of these gifts into one unique soul purpose / mission

You can watch the full video or listen to the audio recording below.


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