My Priestess Journey with Jaguar

by | Apr 27, 2021

Jaguar & me

I can’t remember when Panther and Jaguar first showed up as spirit animals in my life. It was many years ago. ⠀

What I do remember is that for a long time I didn’t feel worthy of their presence and teachings.

„Who am I to claim the support of jaguar? Everyone wants to have a cool spirit animal. People will think I’m stuck up and full of sh*t.“⠀

Ha! Can you see how helpful its medicine would have been? ⠀

Eventually I did open up to their presence and I have been working very closely with them since I deepened into the embodiment of my Priestess presence.

What can I say?

I love my panther and jaguar guides and I don’t care any more what anyone might think!

In fact I’m very protective of them and myself. Their support and guidance are so special and precious to me that I personally wouldn’t choose to talk about our joint work publicly.

But they keep nudging me to share what we have created, because it is needed.

Back in November 2020 I recorded a guided healing journey and energy transmission. It takes you deep into the Amazon rainforest.

You are invited to reclaim any past life information and gifts from life times as a Priestess, Shaman or Healer in this geographic area.

Over the past months I kept working with this transmission myself and was amazed to experience it getting even stronger and more potent over time.

I wasn’t sure if I’d ever put it out for others, but now it’s time. I don’t think I’ve ever shared anything that felt so special to me.⠀

It is a gift from me and my jaguars to help you remember your own connection with panther / jaguar, the rainforest and your gifts as a priestess, healer, shaman, wise woman, witch, shape-shifter,… in your many past lives.

If you know that you are here to bring your priestess wisdom, healer wisdom, witch wisdom from past lives into this crucial time of transformation, this is especially for you.

My intention for this recording is that it is one of these anchors that help you remember your true being in the midst of all the turbulence.

You can listen below either on YouTube or SoundCloud. Enjoy! *rrroar* 🐆

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