Wild Human Beings Energy Forecast for August 2021

by | Aug 7, 2021

Welcome to the energy transmission & update for August 2021!

Again, I was drawn to the water to bring in frequencies from nature to work with and support us.

Themes that showed up for this month are

– deepening more and more into our foundation to bring down our specific soul frequencies

– deepening our connection with our physical body, learning how it communicates with us and trusting its guidance

– the crumbling of old information takes place through bringing everything together from all different systems that works/worked for us, then old information can drop away

– working with the water spirits: receiving freshness & vitality

– deepening our connection with nature by paying attention to how our body responds

– a new connection is activated between the spark in our heart centre and the fire in our womb

If you would like to go deeper, you might want to (re-)watch the energy transmission for July. We took a bit more time there to call in and connect with our nature allies, and I’ve heard from some of you that you experienced a powerful activation. 

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You can watch the full video below.


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