Message from the Animals of the Forest

by | Jul 18, 2021

„We want to welcome everyone who feels drawn to deepen their connection with us. We love to connect and play with you and bring our perspective to issues you are dealing with.

Each of us carries different gifts and medicines that we happily share with those of you who ask, who remember to connect with us, who open their hearts to receive what’s most needed in this moment of time.

We know this is a big step for humanity to find back to this deep connection of love and mutual respect. But we are already waiting for you, those in the front rows, so we can prepare the path and make it easier for more and more people to follow your examples.

Feel into the shifts that are possible when more and more people remember the importance of nature – that each of you is just as much a part of nature as every tree and every animal.

What would life on Earth look like, if more and more people went out into nature to sit with a tree or hug a tree and receive their words of wisdom and guidance?

What would our world look like, if more and more people trusted their intuition and received messages from their plants when growing vegetables and fruit – be it in their garden for themselves or on a bigger scale for a whole community?

Wouldn’t it make things so much easier, more connected and more joyful?

This is what you’re here for. This is what you’re meant to remember and bring back onto the Earth.“

Are you a Priestess?

„In Lemuria this was how everyone lived and breathed. Everyone was deeply connected with nature and every living being.

Everyone could communicate telepathically and tend to their gardens in an aligned way.

Everyone knew that their relationship with their body was a reflection of their relationship with mother Earth and vice versa.

That’s how they took care of themselves and nature and of each other – as everything is connected.

We love to give you information like this, so that you can start to remember and embody it.

Your body will get more sensitive and let you know what kinds of food feel full of life force and what kinds of food don’t. It will support you immensely on your journey.

Connect with us and ask us, if you have any questions. We love to work with you.“


The Lemuria Nature Retreat, an online gathering for nature lovers and awakening messengers of nature, will support you to embrace and understand your unique gifts and how you are meant to co-create with nature.

You’ll spend time with like-minded souls and receive energy transmissions that activate your connection with nature on a much deeper level.

Registration is open till July 23, 2021 and we start on July 24, 2021. Find out more and sign up here. I’d love to connect with you in this space.

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