February Energies

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It’s a new dawn… 🌅

After a very slow, kind of dark January in the sense that we were still deep down, gestating in the fertile soil of mother Earth, I feel like there’s some slow, but steady movement coming in. 

A golden energy, an opening, a new dawn… (The painting is from yesterday and I feel it captures the current energies very well.)

This slow, steady movement will take us to the beginning of spring, March 20th, so we’re in kind of a passageway right now. 

Even though, you might feel frustrated or get impatient, know that you can’t force things to move faster. Instead, make it a habit to come back to yourself, drop into your heart and take it from there. 💛

The guidance that came through for this passageway is:

🌟 take time each day to tune in with yourself and drop into your heart before taking action,

🌟 when you feel overwhelmed, frazzled or anxious, take a moment to breathe and feel your body, call your energy back into your body and become aware of how you can work with your own energy so that you feel more stable and present,

🌟 call in your support team, especially your angels – they are eager to support you with clearing any unfinished business or challenging situations, but you need to ask them for help and then let go

And believe me, even though I’ve been working with angels and Archangels for 10 years now, my mind can still be super skeptical about their existence. 😂 Give it a try and find your unique connection and way of communicating with them. It’s completely worth it! Let me know how it goes. ❤️ 

You can also listen to the full energy update here:https://www.facebook.com/createyourjoy/videos/1015388555319612/

How are you feeling, love? Does this energy update resonate with you? I’d love to hear what’s showing up for you at the moment! 🌟

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