Energy Transmission with the Nature Spirits for January 2022

by | Jan 7, 2022

Welcome to 2022!
Your nature spirit team is already eagerly waiting for you to assist you and co-create with you. Join me for this energy transmission below.

In this video I’m sharing some energetic themes that I perceive for January 2022 and the coming months / this year, such as:

– there’s no need to lean on predictions for 2022, we’re co-creating and learning how that works as we go

– community with kindred spirits is vital for our growth, because we’re all bringing important pieces to put together

– things are meant to be easier now, but we need to remember and adjust accordingly

– and much more

One of my roles in this time is to assist in the anchoring of the divine feminine and with that share what a deeper connection with nature can look like.

So the main part of this video is an energy transmission that helps you deepen your connection with your nature spirit team, spirit animals, plant spirits and mother Earth. You have the opportunity to tune in and receive some guidance as well.

The leprechauns were very present in this video, so be prepared for their playfulness!

I hope you enjoy the video, Let me know what resonated or came up for you either by sending me an email or by leaving a comment on Youtube or IG (see link below).

Thank you so much for being here. I’m grateful that we get to do this together.

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