Energy Transmission for September 2021

by | Aug 30, 2021

Welcome to the energy transmission & update for September 2021!

This month I’m sharing a co-creation with mother Earth, the nature spirits, trees, plants and animals. Open up to receive their healing and uplifting energies that support you to deepen your trust in your own inner knowing.

In September we are invited to shed deep layers of fear that still interfere with owning our truth and power. This is a very potent energy transmission that helps you reconnect with the part of you that knows. This can create safety in your whole being to trust yourself, your own path and your unique gifts on a deeper level.

We’re also calling in split off aspects from past lives as priestesses and allow them to anchor into your being. 

This is a living recording that is meant to support you on your path. You can watch it again and call in split off aspects from other past lives as a healer / shaman / wise woman / priest / magician as well.

If you enjoyed this energy forecast / energy transmission, feel free to share it with friends and family who might benefit as well.

You can watch the full video below.


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Thank you so much for all your love and support. 

♡ Trust the Longings of Your Heart ♡

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