Divine Feminine Energy Update for January 2021

by | Jan 2, 2021

Welcome to 2021!

Here is a short divine feminine energy update for you that covers the most prominent themes at the moment:

  • invitation to rest and nourish ourselves during this dark period of winter
  • creating a solid foundation of self-care and self-nourishment so that we are ready for what this year brings, when it’s time to emerge from our cozy caves
  • how to embrace the current shift from the masculine paradigm of setting goals and pushing to achieve them to the feminine way of allowing things to be birthed through her
  • discovering how the divine feminine works through you

You can either watch the video or read the transcription below. I’d love to hear what you take away from this energy update! I invite you to email me any questions or feedback, you’d like to share, or join the conversation on Instagram or Facebook.


Divine Feminine Energy Update for January 2021

(transcript slightly edited for your reading pleasure)

What’s been coming through really strong as we move into this new year, is that the energies are still calling us to slow down and rest. Even though we might have been receiving information and visions and ideas that we want to bring forward, we’re still in this dark period of the year – especially in the Northern hemisphere. Right now, we’re being invited to give everything time, because we’re in the midst of a really big shift.

We’re being invited to nourish ourselves and take good care of ourselves as well as enjoy the darkness and the slowness of the current period that we’re in. We’re being invited to create a solid foundation for the year to come, which means to fill our own cups, so that we have a strong foundation that we can operate from.

And as we do so, these ideas and visions that we have, will keep evolving. They might be bubbling up and showing themselves at times. And you will notice that you will receive creative impulses to do something or to show up or like I’m doing now create a video with inspiration and information that wants to come through.

Essentially, we’re shifting into this organic flow of creation, instead of the old masculine paradigm where we set goals. This completely contradicts the idea of new year resolutions, and I think most of you who are listening will have stopped doing these anyway. Because you know that it’s not really working to come from the mind, set a goal and push yourself to achieve it.

And what I’ve been told is that now we’re in this shift where we’re really birthing the feminine from within. And the feminine just needs time.

So the monthly energies and this dark period of the year, they are really supporting us right now to reconnect with our divine feminine flow and cycles. And to experience that this is not something we need to do or force or try, but it’s being birthed through us. It’s flowing through us.

All you have to do – and it sounds simple, but I know it can be challenging – is to give it time and space, to stop forcing and to stop these thoughts that you should be doing something. Instead you can ask yourself: “What lights me up today?” or “What fills my cup today?” and then do that.

And you might start to notice that it doesn’t actually take as long as you might have been worried about, and the creative feminine energy will start bubbling up through you and expressing itself through you. We are exploring and rediscovering this collectively on a bigger scale this year and that’s why I’ve been feeling it’s important to share this perspective. And I’d love to hear how it resonates with you.

In case you don’t really know where to start with creating this foundation of self-care and self-nourishment, my guides are also nudging me to share an offer that I received in last fall. It fits perfectly to this current time that we’re in, with the focus on our divine feminine energies of nourishment and allowing ourselves to receive and bringing in the self-care that we need and that gives us strength and courage and endurance for what’s waiting for us or maybe waiting for us.

I’ve received the guidance to offer Bathe in Love Healing and Reading Sessions. They have been very different to my usual sessions where i channel information and healing frequencies, and kind of talk a lot during these sessions. But the Bathe in Love Healing Sessions are especially for divine feminine energy of receiving, surrendering and reconnecting with the divine feminine within.

They are distance healing sessions, where you can fully relax and release and let go and open up to receive in your own space which you can have as cozy and sensual and nice as you want to.

After your distance energy transmission you will also receive guidance. We will connect for a conversation afterwards and you will receive everything as either written guidance or as an audio file so that you can really draw from what came through for you.

At the moment I find it’s very much concentrated on how we can birth this divine feminine energy from within and how we can support this birthing process. How we can support ourselves, and how we can understand more how this actually works. How we can support ourselves in this process and understand the specific gifts each of us holds.

It’s a little bit different for each of us and that’s why I find it so interesting to have these sessions with this very specific focus point. So if that’s something that calls you or resonates with you, you can find all the information here.

Thank you for tuning in. I’ll be sharing more as we flow with these energies through January and I look forward to connecting with you again. Bye for now.


Thank you for being here and connecting with me. I wish you a magical, joyful, happy new year!

If you enjoyed this divine feminine energy update, I invite you to share it with your friends who might resonate. Feel free to get in touch with feedback or questions. I look forward to sharing more as we flow with these new waves.

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