Calling all Sacred Guardians & Messengers of Nature

by | Aug 9, 2021

“This is a call for all sacred guardians and messengers of the Earth. It is your time to remember and rise. It is your time to gather in community, share your wisdom and thrive.

You are here to assist a huge shift in consciousness and your loving presence, wisdom and guidance are needed.

You are so connected with the Earth that you feel deep concern, grief and/or rage about the current state of the Earth. This is your time. This is why you are here. You are here because of this deep connection with the Earth.

And your job is not to try and save anyone. Most of you have tried that and burnt yourselves out. You are here to make self-care your priority – rest, time in nature, dance, music, art, time with loved ones,… – whatever lights you up.

And when you feel the impulse, you commune with and listen to nature. Nature is guiding you. You are not here to save the Earth, you are here to remember your connection with her.

You are here to listen to her and all living beings. You are here to learn from them and in doing so remember your deep interconnectedness with all that is, so that you can contribute and offer the Earth and all living beings what they need.

Yes, this comes with responsibilities and challenges, but all of creation is here to support you.

And imagine what will happen, when everyone who feels this call starts working in their own garden, talking to their plants and insects, appreciating every plant and animal they meet, and modeling for others what it can look like to care for your plant and animal allies. The world will look very different in a short amount of time, don’t you think?

Each of you starts where it comes most natural to you. For some this means your garden or your plants in your flat. For others this means creating collaborations, creating new sustainable ways of living and working, raising consciousness and introducing new inventions and ways of being.

Everything is valuable, precious and needed – especially the “little”, everyday things and actions that your ego might want to dismiss. Remember: You came for this.

Even if your efforts and work might not be celebrated right away by those around you, remember that your contribution is making a huge difference and that’s why you’re here.

So instead of spending your time feeling worried or desperate, always come back to why you’re here.

Connect with your plant and animal allies. Get to know them. Listen and learn from them. Connect with the Earth. Listen and learn from her.

Get together with like-minded souls and create from a place of love and honoring the Earth, rather than from fear and hopelessness.

Remember the power of consciousness and what a community of conscious people can create.

Release the fear – that’s part of your self-care – and focus on your mission. The Earth, nature, all of the plants and animals love you and are eager to work with you.

With lots of love,
Your Nature Spirits”


I received this message at the end of July, when the wildfires in Southern Europe started. It is indeed our time and time to take this sacred responsibility on.

I am currently working on some new creations and offers to support you. One of them will be a 6-months 1:1 container to bring in your sacred projects in co-creation with the Earth, nature, and/or your specific nature allies. Feel free to get in touch, if this is what you are currently looking for.

The Lemuria Nature Retreat, an online gathering for nature lovers and awakening messengers of nature, is likely to re-open this fall in a slightly different form. I recommend signing up for my newsletter below to receive the details once they’re available.

In case you feel called to activate your Priestess / Healer / Witch / Wild Woman gifts, embrace your divine feminine essence, and gain a deeper understanding of your mission in this life, I’d love to welcome you into the 3 months Priestess Activation.

To stay in touch, you can also find me on YouTube, SoundCloud, Instagram and Facebook.

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