Are you a modern-day Priestess?

by | Jan 12, 2021

Are you a modern-day Priestess? And how can you be sure?

Do you have to run around in a cloak all day or create potions and spells?

These are very valid questions that I asked myself many times.

You see, I have a very strong, rational mind. It would tell me again and again that in this modern world there is no room for Priestesses. That it’s just a nice fantasy. Or a dream. But nothing substantial. Nothing that would be respected or celebrated. Nothing that could earn me money. And therefore nothing that I should spend more time thinking about.

You should know that in 2012 I had had a vision. I had seen myself as a High Priestess in Atlantis, and it resonated so deeply with my whole being. Something clicked into place and felt so right.

But back then, I didn’t have any role models and it just didn’t make any sense. I didn’t know that you can integrate Priestess energy into your being and let it shift your life. I didn’t know about the rising divine feminine energy and that so many of us would feel this call to be divine channels in service to this planetary recalibration. 

Are you a Priestess?

I get that my mind had its problems with my vision. It tried to keep me safe by telling me that others would likely judge or ridicule me for being more open about my priestess path. My family definitely wouldn’t understand, and it would not be something that offered prestige or success. So, for my mind the equation was clear: it was not safe and not worth taking the risk.

But my heart and soul had other plans, and I kept running into sign posts that kept me on track (more on that maybe another time). And low and behold I realised that I’m not alone – not on my path and not in my struggles. In fact, they are quite common!

We are all disentangling from the conditioning of our male-dominated, patriarchal society and it can bring up all kinds of fears and blocks from past life times that still feel very real in our body (more on that definitely soon).

Today I want to help your mind find some peace and clarity as well as offer your heart some reassurance and love.

I have listed what feel like the clearest signs to me that you ARE a modern-day Priestess, so that you can accept this truth and take your next steps with more trust in yourself and your soul:

Are you a Priestess?

Signs that you are a modern-day Priestess:

  • You know.

Deep down you know and have always known that you are a Priestess. Trust your heart. It’s okay.

If it feels right, give yourself permission to fully accept this deep inner knowing and longing as your truth.

Take a deep breath and let it sink in. Feel the relief and the joy.

This can feel like a huge step. I invite you to give yourself some extra love, especially if there are some uncomfortable emotions coming up as well.

Now the hard part is over. I invite you to keep on reading. The rest of the list will bring you lots of relief and support you even more to accept this deep truth of yours.

Are you a Priestess?
  • You have always felt drawn to Atlantis, Avalon, Lemuria, Egypt and other ancient civilisations that carry Priestess energy.
  • Other people may have told you that you look, move or behave like a Priestess.
  • You feel a deep connection with nature and you often receive message when you spend time in nature. You may also be naturally drawn to working with spirit animals, spirit plants and nature spirits.
  • You love crystals and often are intuitively guided as to which crystal can support you. You may be especially drawn to amethyst, rose quartz and clear quartz as your everyday support team.
  • You love smudging.
  • You may be naturally drawn to creating sacred rituals and altars for yourself or in your work. It is second nature to you.
  • You are a channel for divine energy and you know this too. Even if it may not be fully activated yet, you know that you carry this potential and you long to fully live it.
  • You come from a place of high integrity. It’s important to you to create no harm and hold compassion for all living beings. It’s easy and natural for you to look at things from a higher perspective (which may sometimes cause challenges in your human experience).
  • You know in your heart that you are here to serve and support others during this time of ascension. This may come with some lessons to learn around the balance of giving and receiving, the importance of self-care and creating healthy boundaries.
  •  The modern world and the concept of money may feel quite foreign to you. You may long for the good old times where a Priestess could live in her hut in the forest and people who needed her healing support would simply come and knock at her door. But that’s part of our mission as modern-day Priestesses to bridge the ancient wisdom with our current reality.

I hope this article offered some reassurance and clarity. Let me know what resonated most with you or if there’s something you’d add to this list. You can email me or get in touch on Instagram or Facebook. I’d love to hear from you!


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