Why it’s crucial to come together & live our priestess energy now

by | Sep 24, 2020

In 2012 I had a vision of myself as a High Priestess in Atlantis. It activated me strongly and I felt deep in my heart that: “This is ME!”

Yet it took me the past 8 years to accept the fact that this energy wants to be lived and expressed freely and playfully and in a way that gives others the permission to do the same!

The call is getting stronger and louder every day that we are many and that it’s time to come out of hiding and rise together.

None of us has to walk this path alone any more. We vowed to come together in sacred circles and bring the divine feminine back to Earth.

Each of us has a different mission and brings in different soul gifts and together they merge and create something even bigger and stronger than we can imagine.

So this is a loving reminder of my Priestess Guides as to why it is crucial for us to come together now and embrace who we truly are.

May it bring remembering to your entire being:


Priestess of the forest


“Beautiful souls,

the preparation time is over. The time to stay in hiding and make yourself believe that this is all a game or something you made up is over.

It’s time to stop the game of hide-and-seek with yourself. Stop and take a look in the mirror. Release the illusions and fears that keep you from seeing and accepting your true self.


You are a priestess.

Allow this to sink in.

You came here to live this, and not only in hiding for yourself, when it feels like something fun to do to escape your struggles and current reality.

You came to go all in.

You came to walk this path in all its glory and in doing so remind others and give them permission to do the same.

Feel the power of making this decision and this commitment to yourself.

You are doing this for YOU, sweet soul, for nobody else.

All the constraints you are feeling, the discontentment, the depression or boredom, the longing to escape, are signs that you are still trying to deceive yourself and distract yourself from your true path and power.

We don’t say it’s easy for we see how much fear and illusions you hold that make it so hard to fully trust and take this leap.

But let us remind you that this is what you are so deeply longing for and that once you make this decision everything will shift. The heartache and pain, the search for something on the outside are all guiding you back to your true self.

Call on us. We are here for you. We guide you through the darkest night, so that all these fears and illusions can fall away and you can rise like the phoenix from the ashes in your true, powerful self.

Let the energies of these words be reminders to your entire being of who you truly are and that there’s no need to hold back any more.

You can make this decision in an instant and change your entire life.

We know your mind doubts this, but your heart knows. Your heart is your compass. Your deep longing guides you the way.

We are here for you and we love you. We will never stop loving you and reminding you of who you truly are.

Open up and receive our love and medicine. It can be this easy. It can be this simple. Trust and receive. Trust and receive.

With so much love,
your Priestess Guides”

It is my wish that this message brings a spark of remembering to your heart that makes it easier for you to accept your true priestess self.

I know this path can feel lonely at times but it doesn’t have to any more. We are so many and it’s time to come together and support each other.

If this message resonates with you and you feel the strong call to fully commit to your priestess path, I invite you to take a look at the Priestess Sanctuary that starts on October 30th. Allow yourself to be held and supported in a sacred container and take this journey together with soul sisters who are on the same path. Feel into it, if it calls you, and if it does, I would love to welcome you into our sacred circle.

I have recently created a free group for Priestesses & Sacred Guardians of Nature on Steve Nobel’s new social platform for starseeds. Come and join us to bathe in the frequencies of this joyful community.

Every now and then I feel called to host a priestess group call. On these calls I open up a sacred space to support you in bringing in your unique connection with your priestess support team and your unique mission. Together we activate new frequencies for the ascending time lines of the new Earth. Sign up for my newsletter or follow me on social media to receive the details!

Feel free to get in touch, if you would like to share anything or have any questions!

Much love,