Priestess Energy Update & Transmission – July 2022

by | Jul 5, 2022

Welcome to July!

June ended with such a bang and we all got the message, didn’t we? The divine feminine is rising and there’s no stopping it any more.

In case you still feel overwhelmed or exhausted by all the emotions that got swept up or a bit afraid of what July will bring – join me for this Priestess energy update and transmission.

July will bring more expansion as well as stability, if we have learnt to work with our tools and inner guidance. I’m sharing some tips around that. 

We’re being reminded that we are powerful energy transmitters and I’ll go into what that really means, how we are meant to work with the highest frequencies available to us instead of looking for solutions from a place of fear, overwhelm or anger.

Lastly, we are invited to remember to pay attention to the energy and frequency of those around us and those we have looked up to for guidance. We are being reunited with soul family, that’s why it’s important to take our inner resonance into account and not rely only on our mind and rational input.

The video is packed with intuitive guidance and practical information as well as energetic frequencies that are meant to support you. Enjoy!

And please, share it with your friends and (soul) family if you think they might benefit from it too – thank you so much!

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♡ Trust the Longings of Your Heart ♡

It’s time to be who you truly are.