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by | May 23, 2019

Last week I asked my tribe on Facebook, Instagram and in my newsletter if they were challenged by fear and anxiety and what kinds of fears came up. The answers inspired me to go deeper and put together a self-help tool-kit I’m still working on.

This is the welcome message I channeled. I feel that it wants out into the world to bring inspiration, insights and relief to all of you who feel overwhelmed and crippled by fear and anxiety.

It will be part of the pdf of the self-help tool-kit, but I’ve decided to share (most of) the pdf content freely on my blog so that it is available to everyone who longs for insights and inspiration.

There’s so much love and support available to you. Remember to call it in and open up to it. I hope you enjoy this message.

Much love,

“Welcome, brave, courageous soul.

You answered the call of your soul, and now you’re finding yourself facing your demons.

This doesn’t mean that you’ve been taking a wrong turn or doing something wrong. This is part of your journey.

You’re living in a time when humanity is bringing together both poles of duality: light AND shadow.

So, as you start to embrace more light, you’ll be guided to embrace more of your shadows, too.

This is sacred work.

Do not be hard on yourself for experiencing fear or any other shadow emotion, for that matter.

You are paving the way for others to follow. You are anchoring new information on Earth: how to transmute old memory fields and create something entirely new from your heart.

This is big.

YOU are doing BIG work.

And you are never alone in this, even if you feel disconnected, even if you feel doubtful, even if you don’t want to continue your path.

We are always by your side. We are always rooting for you. And we understand and honour your human perspective.

We honour that you need to take breaks and that this human experience is what you chose.

It is unique and while we are cheering you on, you are sharing information and frequencies with us on the other side of the veil.

We are here to remind you that this experience is bigger than you. What you do, creates ripples throughout the entire universe.

And you cannot do anything wrong. That’s the beauty of it.

Whether you try to push through your fear, embrace it or deny it, all of it offers valuable information for you and us.

Your mind might be frustrated by this information, because it wants to get rid of the fear, of the uncomfortable emotion.

But it is not about getting rid of anything. It is about staying open to the experience.

Fear is nothing bad. It wants to protect you. It wants to keep you safe.

You are now in a time where a lot of old fears are coming up to be transmuted. This is a personal as well as a collective clearing and cleansing of energies.

A lot of the fears that are coming up are related to the integration of your light.

They are not fears that are trying to protect you from acute danger, although, of course, you can experience those too.

Those non-acute fears are trying to keep you safe from harm you or your ancestors experienced somewhere in the past – whether that was in your childhood, a past life or passed down through your ancestral line doesn’t really matter.

It is stored in the cells of your body. Your body remembers and shows it through different signs: tension, stiff neck and shoulders, upset stomach and digestion, cold hands, exhaustion, adrenal fatigue, anxiety or full-blown panic attacks to name a few.

The way to transmute those fears is to go right through them. And we say that knowing that it’s hard to explain the transmution of energy to your mind.

Your mind wants to know, understand and see results.

Energy just moves and IS.

The more you can let go of expectations and PLAY, the easier it will become for you.

We will share the experience of transmuting the energies in the audio files, but we also want your mind on board, that’s why we will explain a little bit more.

The way to transmute fear is to go through it.

Fear doesn’t want to harm you. It is actually guarding your biggest secrets and your biggest gifts.

You chose to hide some of your most precious gifts very well and swore that you wouldn’t go near them ever again.

Those gifts that got you persecuted and killed in different life times.

Those gifts that got you in trouble because you misused your power or didn’t foresee the effects they would have on others and the world.

You locked them in a secure vault and hired a security guard to keep them safely hidden at all costs. The security guard you hired impersonates one of your biggest fears.

It might be a fear of being seen. It might be a fear of crowds. It might be a fear of spiders. The range of fears is big.

Whatever it is. There’s a reason for this fear. There’s a reason it shows up the way it does.

It does a very good job at keeping you from getting too close to this vault.

But by continuing to run into this fear you start to remember. You know how to get to the other side. You want to conquer this fear and open the treasure box once again.

You know it is time.

Because that’s how you come home to your true self.

That’s how you melt into your true power and finally dare to show yourself to the world the way you are.

The fear of your own light, disguised as whatever fear you have created for yourself, has kept you safe for a very long time.

Now you have come back to reclaim all parts of yourself and bring the light back into your own existence.

We are here to cheer you on and to support you as good as we can.

This path is not an easy one, but you knew this as you created it for yourself.

Know that you created this out of love.

Know that it looks worse than it actually is.

Know that your Higher Self is always holding you in the deepest love and watching out for you.

Know that you can always make a choice to feel this love and surrender to your Higher Self.

Know that fear is only an illusion and you are the creator of it.

We hold you in the deepest love and admiration. We are excited to go deeper on this journey with you. And we are always by your side to give you more answers to your questions.”

If you enjoyed this channeled message and took away some inspiration, please consider sharing it with friends or family who might be looking for some inspiration on how to deal with fear too.

UPDATE: The healing kit: The other side of fear has been officially released. It contains 2 channeled messages that I also shared on my blog, as well as powerful prompts and an energy clearing and activation that will help you to collect the hidden treasures of your fears and open up to expansion, joy, ease, love and fulfilment in your time and your unique way.

You are also more than welcome to email me any feedback or questions you’d like to see covered in the self-help tool-kit or my next blog article.

If you’re interested in working with me, I invite you to book a free Connection Call to have a chat, get to know me and ask me anything about me and my work

Take good care of yourself.

Lots of love,


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