Fear, shame and the collective

by | Jul 8, 2019

This is another channeling that is part of the healing kit “The other side of fear”. It touches on the connection between fear and shame as well as the collective clearing and purging that is taking place. May this message offer more clarity and compassion for yourself, as you move through this release of very old layers of fear and recognise your own magnificence and power each day a bit more.

“Beautiful soul,

thank you for being here. Planet Earth has been ruled by fear for a very long time. It is no coincidence that many of you are experiencing what we would call a cleansing process from old programs of fear. They feel like fear, because they are fear – but they are leaving your system.

There is nothing you have done wrong. So many of you feel ashamed because of your experiences of fear, but we would like to remind you that if you are experiencing fear and are aware of it, this is a good sign. You are consciously transmuting very, very old layers and programs.

This has nothing to do with current life choices. This has nothing to do with doing something wrong, not being good enough, or not working hard enough on yourself like your inner critic would like to make you believe.

You are actually shedding illusions. You are coming out of your very zoomed in experience of being human and starting to remember that there is a bigger picture you can tap into.

Your fear is inviting you to look deeper and behind the curtains. For a long time fear kept you (and humanity) from seeing and knowing who you truly are, what you are truly capable of. Now this is changing.

But fear is still guarding your most sacred places. It takes courage to go there, but once you’ve done it you will realise that it was always you who chose this way of reawakening.

You will tap into the courage and strength you forgot you had, and you will fully trust yourself again and step into your potential.

What you see going on in the world today is exactly this fight that you’re feeling inside of you as well. There are forces who are used to a world that lives in fear and that can easily be manipulated by fear.

They are continuing the old ways, because they are still very comfortable for them, but also because they are deeply afraid of what’s on the other side of the change that is happening and necessary for our planet’s survival. They too are afraid of their own fears, even if it’s unconscious.

You are paving a path for others too. Transmuting fear is one of the biggest tasks here on Earth. Letting go of illusions that kept you safe will probably shake up your basic foundations of what you thought was true and right. This can be very upsetting. But it’s what ultimately frees you to see the bigger picture. It opens you up to seeing the full potential of life on Earth instead of feeling stuck in an old system based on fear.

You are a pioneer. You are a lighthouse paving the way. There is no reason to doubt yourself. Take a look at your journey so far. Celebrate your accomplishments. Even if they are not celebrated by your society yet, even if nobody else would recognise them as accomplishments.

You KNOW that you are here for exactly this change. You are here to remember your innate abilities. Fear is one of the most powerful sign posts. You have gotten so close. It’s time to step through the veil and remember fully.

Whenever you are ready…

We are by your side.

With deep love,
your spirit guides”

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