Energy update 02-02-2020

by | Feb 2, 2020

Before we dive into the themes that are coming up at the moment, I invite you to connect with today’s powerful, golden energy. Breathe in the codes that are being activated through this golden portal of 02-02-2020. 

Breathe in the complete and beautiful balance this number offers. Feel into the golden gateway it opens up. This is a theme for this whole year and beyond: You can always choose to follow this golden thread, the golden pathways and opportunities that open up before you.

When I tuned into the energies of February, 3 themes emerged:

  1. Death & Rebirth

This is nothing to fear and I guess, you have been feeling it already anyways. 🙂 Old cycles are coming to an end – and depending on how attached you still are to certain places, people, situations or outcomes, it may feel like an actual death to release these threads and energies.

Know that this is only one side of the coin. Rebirth, the light and new opportunities that are more aligned with who you are now, are already being prepared and waiting for you on the other side.

I have been feeling the presence of goddess Innana very strongly. She offers to bring guidance and hold you in love while you go through whatever you need to go through.

You can also work with the dark mother who can hold you in love while supporting you to heal. She feels like a mama bear, inviting us into this warm, dark, cozy cave where we can shed old skins and feel fully safe.

Know that you are so supported and loved. There’s nothing that you can do wrong, just remember to call in your support team and listen to their guidance.

  1. Em-bodi-ment

Coming into our bodies is the big theme right now, I feel it especially strong until the equinox. So I invite you to make it a priority if you know that this is something you need to work on, as it will help you make the rest of the year a much more gentle journey.

The more we are fully em-bodi-ed, the more natural it becomes to just do what we came here to do. No more hiding, no more doubts, just pure presence and trusting the divine flow.

What keeps us out of the body are traumatic experiences. So, tune in and trust what kind of support you need so that you can fully land in your body and feel at home and safe.

Cranio sacral therapy, somatic experiencing, any kind of body work, physical touch, gentle yoga, energy work and meditation can be helpful. Make sure that you feel safe and fully heard and seen by the practitioner(s) you choose to work with and give yourself and your nervous system time to recalibrate.

Time in nature is also super valuable and will calm down your entire system.

  1. Choosing new time lines & new realities

As I mentioned in the beginning, there is a golden thread guiding us the way. It’s as if it was activated with the transition into 2020. If the path ahead of you doesn’t seem to be clear, take time to come home inside yourself and feel into the energy.

It might take some time (a few days or a few weeks), but that’s okay. Trust your own pace. Wait for the fog to settle and for the golden thread to appear.

It’s up to you which reality you want to choose and it will take conscious choice and commitment to fully step out of old (collective) stories and drama and instead bring your own vision onto mother Earth.

Stay in your frequency and let it radiate out. You will attract like-minded souls which will make it even easier to stay in your chosen time line and make it a reality.

This theme is strong for the whole year of 2020, as we start to emerge and show up much more strongly in our neighbourhoods and local areas and for our soul tribes.

Thank you for being here!

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May your February be filled with love, compassion for yourself and others and the emergence and fulfilment of your deepest dreams.

Lots of love,


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