Divine Masculine Rising

by | Jun 8, 2019

It’s always much easier for me to write about the challenges women face and how the integration of the divine feminine shows up for me and my soul sisters, but the energies are shifting so bear with me as I open up to translate the bigger picture.

Recently I’ve been shown that there is an enormous wave of men starting to feel an inner call, a deep longing to explore or reconnect with their unique truth of who they are – underneath all the limiting identities that kind of got imposed onto them or that they grew into without much reflection.

There’s a deep wound coming up for healing and I’d say it helps both genders to have some conscious knowledge around this.

A lot of men are currently feeling trapped and unhappy, and starting to look for a way out.

They may feel like they left an important part of themselves behind when they abandoned their innate creative talents and had to choose a career that sustained them.

They may feel under a lot of pressure as fathers and husbands who have to make a living but don’t have enough time to spend with their children, let alone with themselves.

They feel like there’s not enough time and space for them in this fast-paced life we’re living.

And on some level they are absolutely right. Taking the time and making space to reconnect with themselves is crucial and so healing.

This is such deep soul work and they are so ready for this jump! Their female partners or soul mates on any levels probably have been working on their issues for a while already and preparing the fertile ground. This is the sacred dance of co-creation!

I’ve always seen that it’s necessary for us as women to remember our power, our path and to walk it without fear, without looking back, so that the men can follow. We needed to release all the expectations of being rescued, all the ideas of the knight in shining armour, and release ourselves from the false stories.

Now that we’re standing more firmly in our own strength, there’s a space opening up for the men to explore this new territory, where we can connect more unconditionally, without past expectations.

This will go on for a while and neither women nor men have to have it all figured out. It’s a sacred dance and we’ll create the new realities together from this new-found freedom, love and connection inside.

I see a wave of men taking this leap now and this feels big, like a joyful, colourful explosion, and it will really speed things up. The changes can be felt by everyone who’s open to seeing from the heart.

I’d love to hear if this resonates and what has come up for you recently. Feel free to email me or join the conversation on facebook.

If you’re longing for deep, compassionate, loving support to embrace this shift with ease and grace, feel free to get in touch. I love to hold space for conscious women and men who feel ready to embrace their sacred path and bring their unique soul expression into the world.