Divine Feminine Energy Forecast for 2021

by | Dec 22, 2020

The main themes that came through for 2021 and especially the first half of this year are:

  • expansion into our free self expression as well as merging all of our gifts
  • we will need a lot of courage, but it will show us our strength and open up a lot of joy and excitement for us
  • the importance of deepening trust into our own inner guidance: we don’t need to have the bigger picture, we need to learn to trust our guidance and take the small, aligned steps forward
  • the creation of new communities who value a deep connection with mother Earth and a new-found appreciation of being with soul family
  • more strength in our physical bodies and a deeper connection with our body
  • the rising of divine feminine energy in the coming 6 months and how it affects women and men a bit differently

Here is the transcript that I structured and modified a little for your reading pleasure:

Introduction & general time line information:

Hi and welcome to this solstice energy update! […] I have felt the strong urge and nudge to share from a divine feminine perspective of what’s going on and what’s ahead of us.

[…] I’ve been tuning in to what wants to come through today and for this coming year and especially for the solstice now and what I’ve been receiving is that although this is a very powerful and important day today, and we’ve mastered a big milestone, – so there was this timeline that opened up in August and we have been stabilising it and anchoring lots of incoming light, and especially divine feminine light coming in, and over the past week I also felt the divine masculine adjust and rise up with the divine feminine.

And this is still happening and integrating, and as we move forward, it feels as if the coming weeks until January 6 are really this period of integration and downtime and tuning within and still harnessing the power of the darkness. And I will be sharing more, I feel, over this period of time to support all of us to experience this within ourselves and feel anchored in a more solid way into this new timeline.

A Main Theme for 2021: Free Self-Expression

And as we move into this new year, I feel there is a lot of lightness and some kind of relief and new opportunities for us to connect and come together again, even though there’s still stuff playing out on the collective field and chaos and emotions and all of that, but we can really choose where to put our energy and where to focus. And a strong theme for probably the full year of 2021 and beyond – but I’ve been receiving information specifically up to June – and a very strong theme for this time is expansion into our free self-expression.

So we’ve been working on this for a long time, I feel, but there’s a really strong pull into the direction of freedom and really from the depths of our authentic being expressing who we are. And we’re really supported to bring all of our gifts together and share them in our unique way.

And this has been something that’s been showing up for me a lot lately to really sit with everything that I bring to the table and allow it to merge and come together so that I don’t fit into one box, but I’m able to bring what I have to give in and merge it in new ways. So I feel this is happening for many of us at the moment.

Being courageous helps us discover our true strengths

As we move forward into this year and during this year, it will ask us to be courageous. It will show us where our strength is. And while this may be challenging at times, this also opens up a lot of joy and excitement. So I’m moving through this myself at the moment, actually, and it’s a great reminder to know that stepping through our fears and trusting our path is always met with excitement and joy and connection and expansion.

Trust on a deeper level

And I feel the coming year is asking this even on an is asking us to trust on an even deeper level. So that’s another point that I received that we really don’t have the bigger picture a lot of the time and we don’t need the big plan for what, I don’t know, a plan for the whole year or even in our business or in our lives.

It’s enough to tune in and to trust the little steps that will take us there and that will take us into the direction that is most aligned. So that’s really somehow to help our mind adjust and release our expectations and our own what we think is best for us, and open up to the highest good and what’s most aligned. Because what’s ahead of us, I don’t think anyone can really imagine the possibilities and opportunities that are lying ahead of us. So it’s really a gift in disguise to deepen our trust. And I know this is very difficult for people like me who value a certain kind of security and knowing what lies ahead. But I feel like this also opens up a lot of life force energy and flow, so that’s really something I strangely feel excited about. So let me know how that lands with you.

Emergence of new communities

And then another beautiful thing is that this will also lead us into new ways of coming together. I talked about this or wrote about this last year as well, and it’s a theme over the coming years, the coming together and emergence of communities of soul family. And I feel that now having gone through 2020 with social distancing and everything, there is a deeper appreciation of community.

And also, I think, we are more conscious of how we want to spend time in community, how we want to create community. And in this way we can create community that is really serving us, our needs and desires and longings for connection and celebration and having fun and enjoying each other, as well as creating community that serves mother Earth. So that’s something that feels really soothing and calming to my own system, knowing that this is something that will be supported this coming year.

More strength in the physical body

And another thing, usually I don’t talk much about our physical body and health aspects, but what came through as well is that we will start to feel more strength in our physical bodies and a deeper connection with our body.

So last year a theme that came through was embodiment and I’ve been working strongly with that, and I feel like it’s really anchoring us into mother Earth and our connection with her, and helping us to remember and come back to this truth that we are children of the Earth and living here in connection with her and thanks to mother Earth. So I feel that we have a lot to learn and explore in this area as well, and we’re really supported to do that.

And with regards to our physical body there is a shift that helps us to feel more connected with it and also respond with love and harmony to what it’s showing us or teaching us, instead of feeling like our body is doing something to us that is uncomfortable. But it will be really a relationship between you and your body or your soul inhabiting your body and your body showing you what it needs or what’s going on. So this feels quite exciting and soothing as well. I’d love to hear what resonates with you.

As I said this outlook is for the first half of 2021 and I got the message that it might get a bit topsy-turvy in July and August. So we’re really invited to make the most of this first half – not to put any pressure on you or make you feel stressed, but to simply keep in mind and open yourself up each day to the new expansion the new joy, new ways of discovering yourself and your authentic self-expression.

So i will be sharing more on this over the coming weeks and into 2021, so I just felt like anchoring this information and sharing it with you. And let me know how this resonated, what landed and if you have any questions, if there’s any area that you’d like me to elaborate on more.

Divine Feminine Energy & how it lands differently for Women & Men

I feel like divine feminine energy is the theme for the coming months and as women we are especially invited and nudged to land more deeply in our self-expression and our womb and let our creative and expressive energy from our womb rise up through our heart and throat and express itself in the world.

And I’m shown that men are feeling this rising of the divine feminine as well, but for them it’s more a very tender, not as conscious, a very tender process that may be not as conscious as it is for a lot of women at the moment. But there’s no need to push anything. It feels as if women are once again – it’s our job to pave the way and simply do what we feel called to do and allow ourselves to follow our desires and longings and freely express ourselves. That’s the big, big theme.

And I feel like at the end of these six months, like when summer will begin here in Europe, men will start to slowly, gently come out of hiding and dare to connect in a more conscious way with these energies.

So of course everyone is on a different journey and this is not something that’s true for everyone in the same amount, but it’s something that i’m being shown. And I always love to work with both energies, feminine and masculine, and to tune in what’s going on on a collective field.

I hope this is helpful to you and I wish you a magical wonderful solstice. Enjoy the longest night here in the Northern hemisphere and maybe you want to connect with mother Earth and really let yourself be embraced by her love and nourishment, so that you are ready for this coming year.

So I feel the next two, three weeks are still weeks that serve us in terms of nourishing ourselves, slowing down and reflecting and opening up to new inspiration. And then it might take off with more drive again. Thank you for being here and have a wonderful day. See you soon! Bye.


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