Creating safety through connection

by | Sep 27, 2020

Creating safety has been an integral part of my healing journey.

We can’t fulfil our purpose and embrace our soul gifts fully, when we don’t feel safe in our body and on planet Earth.

Now that I’m sharing more about my priestess path, I notice that I’m entering new territory and that feels scary. 

I’m sharing about some of my most precious aspects that were not appreciated or actively dismissed when I grew up. And they are still not valued in our society.

It’s easy for self-doubt to creep in and to make me go back into hiding where I’m protected from disappointment, judgment or ridicule.

But that’s not true safety and I know I’m not alone in this. Our souls long to be out there, to connect and to show our true selves without having to hold back or tone it down.

We need safe spaces for true connection.

Open conversations about reclaiming our divine feminine through connecting with our inner priestess are needed to destroy the false narrative that there’s something wrong with us as individuals.

Sisterhood is what helps us overcome the feelings of shame or loneliness on this path.

By hearing other women’s stories we can recognise that we all share one deep inner longing: to come home in ourselves, in our womb, and feel completely safe to be who we are. 

To share our wild parts, our playful parts, our intensely emotional parts and our eternal wisdom and deep love for every living thing. 


Priestess of the forest

Sharing about our gifts of stillness, sacred connection with nature and the weaving of new creations with energy that are not valued in our fast-paced world can open up a new space of acceptance within yourself.

They can help us shift our perception and release the false stories society told us, so that we can truly recognise the value and power of our inherent gifts.

Hearing others share similar experiences about what’s precious to you and validating your feelings and perceptions can be like the healing medicine that finally gives you permission to see your own value.

Your sensitivity, your yearning for true connection, your search for ways to free yourself from all the restrictions that kept you small and in place, are not a flaw. They are your gifts and they show you that you are stronger and more resilient than you might think.

Creating safety through connection is one of the most magical things that can catapult us forward.

That’s why it has become so important to me to create safe spaces for priestesses to come together.

Whether you feel called to join my new free group on and have open conversations with kindred spirits or you long to go all in and join the Priestess Sanctuary that is now open for registration, I invite you to open up to this healing medicine through the connection with soul family. 

Your heart will guide you the way to find your kindreds. If you resonate, I’d LOVE to welcome you into these new communities.

You are so precious and your gifts are so needed. Priestess medicine is so needed in our world right now. 

Don’t hold back because of this false sense of safety that hiding can give us. You are safe when you share your light. You are safe and surrounded by your sisters and your guides. 

You are not alone. We are rising together. 

It is my wish that this message brings a spark of remembering to your heart that makes it easier for you to accept your true priestess self.

I know this path can feel lonely at times but it doesn’t have to any more. We are so many and it’s time to come together and support each other.

If this message resonates with you and you feel the strong call to fully commit to your priestess path, I invite you to take a look at the Priestess Sanctuary that starts on October 30th. Allow yourself to be held and supported in a sacred container and take this journey together with soul sisters who are on the same path. Feel into it, if it calls you, and if it does, I would love to welcome you into our sacred circle.

I have recently created a free group for Priestesses & Sacred Guardians of Nature on Steve Nobel’s new social platform for starseeds. Come and join us to bathe in the frequencies of this joyful community.

Every now and then I feel called to host a priestess group call. On these calls I open up a sacred space to support you in bringing in your unique connection with your priestess support team and your unique mission. Together we activate new frequencies for the ascending time lines of the new Earth. Sign up for my newsletter or follow me on social media to receive the details!

Feel free to get in touch, if you would like to share anything or have any questions!

Much love,