Today I came back to save myself – A Heroine’s Journey

by | Apr 29, 2020

When I was a teenager I felt so stuck and trapped. No matter how hard I wished for it, I didn’t find a way out on my own.

I didn’t have the courage to leave and wouldn’t have known where to go. And the knight in shining armour I so desperately wished for didn’t come to save me.

But today I came back to save myself.

I met my younger self where she was at. I felt her despair, her loneliness, her resignation and her anger. When she felt seen, heard and loved, it was time to invite her to come with me. Into the life she had always wanted.

As she walks out through the door of her childhood home and down the stairs to my car, she releases the cobwebs of guilt for leaving and stepping into her own life.

She releases the unmet expectations, the emotions she had taken on from others, and the need to save her family even if it meant suffocating and going down with them.

She gets into my car and together we drive off into our new life.

She is safe now.
She can be herself.
She can shine.
She can be creative.
She can experiment.
She’s allowed to make mistakes or mess up.
She’s allowed to “fail” and make her own life experiences.

She can grow into the woman she had had to suppress and keep hidden inside.
She doesn’t have to fear any repercussions any more.
She can shine.
She can be herself.
And it feels good.
It feels invigorating.
Life force energy is pulsating through her.

She feels ready for whatever lies ahead of her on her new path.
She feels joyous and excited.
There’s no holding her back any more.

She’s been unleashed.
And by now, she trusts herself more than anything.

She doesn’t fear the unknown any more.
She thrives on it.

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