Wild Woman Circle

Deeply transformational online workshops for Priestesses, Healers, Witches, Shamans, Visionaries, Pioneers and Bridgemakers 

Wild Woman Circles


A Guided Energy Transmission + Art & Embodiment Practice for Priestesses, Healers, Witches, Shamans, Visionaries, Pioneers and Bridgemakers

Friday, January 21, 2022 at 12:00 pm CET / 11:00 am London / 6:00 am New York / 8:00 pm Sydney, Duration: 120 min

Join me for this powerful circle that combines the best of two worlds: multidimensional healing with the actual integrated, embodied experience of your self-expression.

Self-Expression is such a biggie for so many women and I’m no exception. I have dedicated much of my own healing journey to exploring ways to freely express what is stored in my body, what wants to flow out through my voice in sound or writing, and what wants to be creatively expressed through art.

This has allowed me to open up in many ways and find back to the truth of who I am – my life’s quest.

For instance, I have been able to cultivate a deeper connection with my inner child by tapping into desires that I had long forgotten: to create more art, to live a colourful life, to feel all of my emotions, to experience deep connection, and basically to feel alive and live each day to the fullest.

In doing so I noticed that my relationships are changing, because I dare to show more of my true self. This in turn either deepens our connection and creates more intimacy, or it helps highlight that we don’t have much in common – either way that’s always great to know!

The more time and space I dedicate to practising at least some movement and/or art each day, the more fulfilled and content I feel and the easier the rest of my days falls into place.

It’s been a magical transformation that initially triggered big resistance. For example, I felt like I didn’t have time to be creative. I felt guilty for putting myself first and creating time and space for playfulness and exploration without necessarily having to accomplish anything. What a revolution this seems to be in our masculine-dominated world of goals and results!

The intention of this community call is to support you with a potent healing transmission as well as some intuitive dance and art practices, so that you can tap into your creativity, the centre of your womb, your feminine passion and inspiration and remember what it is that you deeply, truly long to express and experience.

It is a space for you to come home in your true self, in your true creative, feminine being that simply wants to enjoy herself, be sensual and feel alive!

If this resonates with you, I would love to meet you in this juicy, loving sacred circle!

Are you ready to thrive by embracing more of your free self-expression?

Spaces are limited to ensure a cozy and intimate setting that allows for sharing and questions, so book your spot now!

IMPORTANT: If you want to make the most of this call, it requires your live participance. You will receive a recording only of the energy transmission. The embodiment practices will be a safe and private experience in the moment and won’t be recorded.

This Wild Woman Circle is for you, if you long to

♡ come together in a sacred space with soul sisters who get you

♡ connect deeply with your womb and open up to more passion, creativity and vitality in your life

♡ tap into your most daring longings and desires so that you align your life more with what’s truly nourishing and exciting to you

♡ explore ways to freely express yourself without guilt or shame for who you are

find your own voice and your own style to express yourself through writing and/or art in your life, relationships and work

receive some practical ideas around how to tap into your creativity & feminine being each day so that you can easily experience more flow and playfulness in your daily life

♡ open up the connection with your creativity and passion so that you can benefit from it in all areas of your life

♡ experience more clarity in your communication with others and therefore more connection and intimacy with people you truly resonate with

♡ release any outside comparison or pressure and instead come back to your sacred feminine way of being that is cyclical and respectful of your energy levels, desires and needs

♡ open up to deep feminine wisdom you know you hold deep inside but for whatever reason you feel blocked to access by yourself

♡ experience the power of a group of soul sisters coming together with the same sacred intention of honouring the divine feminine

What can you expect?

We will gather for approximately 120 minutes on Zoom.

Part 1: Healing Transmission

The first half will be dedicated to a guided energy transmission. As always, I will tune into the energy of the group.

My intention is to support you to connect with and tap into the feminine wisdom, passion and creativity that are stored in your womb.

We will open this space for you to remember the sacred feminine aspects that live inside of you and want to be expressed more in your life: your inner Priestess, Shaman, Healer, Witch, Oracle, Visionary, Nature Guardian,…

You can allow yourself to drop deep within and receive the loving support and nourishment of mother Earth. Coming home in your womb, the centre of your divine feminine, will support you to feel more safe and confident to embrace your role as a pioneer anchoring more divine feminine energy on the planet.

You will be held and supported to release old vows, contracts or blocks that hold you back from fully embodying the woman you came here to be. You may encounter special (nature) guides that are here to show you  who you really are on a soul level and how you are meant to show up and share your unique essence with the world.

You will receive a recording of this energy transmission, so that you can listen again and deepen your connection by yourself.

Part 2: Creative Self-Expression

The second half will be dedicated to bringing your connection with your womb wisdom into your life by actually embodying it.

There will be time and space to move your body intuitively with music and explore how your body likes to communicate and express itself. Then there will be time and space for your to open up to your creative self-expression through writing or art.

I will be sharing some ideas or prompts with you, but this sacred space is 100% for you. You get to choose what you wish to explore and integrate.

You don’t have to have any prior experience with movement/dance or art. This is a space for you to explore your own unique ways of self-expression that can’t be taught, but that naturally emergy through your willingness and openness to surrender to the guidance of your soul.

This part will not be recorded in order to ensure that this space is safe and sacred for each participant. You can choose to switch your camera on or off during these practices, so that you can feel comfortable at all times.

What do you need to prepare?

For the energy transmission:

♡ a cozy space where you are undisturbed (ideally) and feel safe to fully relax and open up to the guidance coming through for you

♡ maybe a warm blanket, a cup of tea, a candle,… to set the mood

♡ your notebook and a pen, if you would like to jot down your insights during or after the energy transmission

For the movement & art practice:

♡ clothing that you feel comfortable in and that allows you to move without restrictions or danger of slipping/stumbling

♡ some space that allows you to freely move around (if it’s only as big as a yoga mat, that’s okay – we’ll work with all our current realities)

♡ whatever art supplies you have and would like to use:
 paint, crayons, felt-tip pens, pencils,…

♡ a piece of paper or canvas…

♡ in case you like to make a collage:
a stock of magazines, a pair of scissors & glue

♡ your notebook and a pen, in case you feel drawn to creatively express yourself through writing

Are you ready to invite more fulfillment into your life by opening up to your free self-expression?

Spaces are limited to ensure a cozy and intimate setting that allows for sharing and questions, so book your spot now!

IMPORTANT: If you want to make the most of this call, it requires your live participance. You will receive a recording only of the energy transmission. The embodiment practices will be a safe and private experience in the moment and won’t be recorded.

Kind words about my work:

Wow. Oh my goodness. Thank you so much. This was tremendous. I’ve never experienced anything like this. I knew taking part in this class was important to me and the time felt so right and perfect for me. 

I’ve had some physical adjustments done yesterday and I felt the energy was supporting this on a deeper level, realigning my body and straightening the whole spine. There was even a loud crack in my neck with the release.

There was really tremendous energy here. I’ve never felt anything this powerful before. And I’ve been to a lot of energy alignments and DNA activations over the last 7-9 years. I’ve been through all kinds of energy practices over the years. This is by far the most powerful thing I’ve felt. I’m so appreciating this. Thank you so much. This has by far exceeded my expectations.

Yvette Francis, Healer

Trinidad & Tobago

“I would like to thank you for this beautiful circle on Monday. It was so powerful and gave me the strength I needed to let go and to stay motivated for my current project. So magical. Thank you!”



I have recently taken part in the energy transmission based on the divine masculine and Jesus Christ. Normally I would avoid such themes because of the religious connotations. However, the way Deborah explained the divine masculine really drew me in.

I have found the process led by her was a deeply transformative experience.

Immediately after the session I said: “For me it was all about the lungs and the spine and about the connection. I kept moving throughout the session, because I’m used to do more moving meditations. And I can tell you that my vertebras are much better aligned, there is more freedom in my ribcage, in the fascia especially around the diaphragm, there was a noticeable release. It was really powerful and I was getting really clear.”

I really appreciated that there was so much focus on the embodiment and physical integration. Exactly my thing. Thank you!

And I will be coming for more of Deborah‘s work.

Debi Ondrova, Bodyworker & Massage Therapist

UK, fb.me/embodyworx

I have been lucky enough to work with Deborah in 1:1 sessions and group online programs. Before I started my soul journey with her I had never meditated. My sessions have been focused on self-love, working with my intuition and connecting with my sacred sexuality.

The meditations are beautiful and clear and I come out feeling perfectly aligned. My reiki healer has found  since working with Deborah my chakras are now  balanced and energy flow is strong. 

Amber Forder

Australia, http://www.activespirit.net.au

Dear Deborah, thank you for your soul reading. There’s so much love energy flowing through your words I am bowled over. It’s like a tangible wisdom wave! You were very accurate and the action steps provided were so helpful. Thank you once again.”

Dominique Oyston

Australia, https://www.goddessvoiceacademy.com

“What a wonderful call this morning Deborah!! Thank-you soooo much!

I love how you really created a beautiful safe still place, imagery and ideas for us to make that deep connection with Mary Magdalene in our own unique ways! And gave us plenty of time to embody that fully!

You’ve filled in the missing pieces of the jigsaw in my perception of how to connect with Mary Magdalene!

And now it’s as if I’m going back in time through all my encounters with her in places and events and upgrading it to really feel and embody that sense of the Divine Mother within myself!!

Thank-you so much again!! Divine feminine blessings to you! XXXX

Magdalene Land


“I loved the recent Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ live calls. I’d been feeling for a while like I was out of balance with the masculine and feminine and I was really aware of the separation between these two ‘halves’ of my body.

When we started the energy journey, the feminine felt really strong and instant, whereas the masculine side was sort of hanging by the wayside a little bit.

As we went through the meditation, it almost felt like the masculine side re-inflated; like the energy was pumped back into it and it felt really expansive.

In the end, it balanced out to feel more equal. It was a really powerful and even magical experience! Thank you Deborah

Esther Lemmens

UK, www.zestybranding.co.uk

“Thank you Deborah for this powerful energy transmission! I just watched the replay and the words that really got me to soften, release and cry were ‘remember how to be a woman’

It was a deep, deep longing that came up and was made visible. Thank you for those tears and insights… so much inside that has been suppressed. Wow.

Thank you so much for everything you’ve shared with us and for shining your light!”



Working with Deborah was a wonderful experience. I have never worked with a healer or intuitive with such power and capabilities. I’m still speechless about how much has shifted and been released in only one session.



“What changed during our session amazingly was: my heart! My heart that had felt like a small, contracted coin opened up and all of a sudden felt completely free and spacious and it could reconnect with my belly and my whole body.

I can finally breathe into my heart and with my heart – open, free and wide! It feels simply amazing. Thank you, dear Deborah, for this wonderful, incredible joint work!”

Doris D.


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