Is This You?

You are:


♦ in your 30s or 40s

♦ feeling stuck or unhappy in your career (aka. soul-sucking job) or

 unhappy in your relationship (e.g. lack of intimacy, communication issues) or going through a divorce

looking for meaning and more fulfilment in your life instead of distracting or numbing yourself with alcohol, food, or other substances/activities

♦ thinking “This can’t be it. Something needs to change!” but unsure where and how to start

interested in an approach that takes you out of the ongoing thought loops and opens you to new perspectives and possibilities

Would you like to

♦ go deep inside and connect with your own wisdom rather than have someone else tell you what to do?

♦ connect with your true self, even if it means facing your demons to help you feel more alive in every aspect of your life? (Btw: Your demons usually are not what you think they are.)

♦ gain clarity about what’s going on in your energy field and receive loving, compassionate support to shift unhealthy patterns?

Hello, let me introduce myself…


My name is Deborah and I am an intuitive channel. For the past 10 years I have dedicated my life to exploring different ways of energy healing and personal transformation. With a degree in business and a very rational mind, I see myself as a bridge for higher consciousness.
In a private session I open up to divine guidance and surrender to the process. Whatever you need to understand, release or integrate in order to move past your current challenges, will come to our awareness.

Each session is different and completely tailored to your needs. Private sessions are always a co-creation and my intention is to empower you and help you gain more clarity about your next steps and sovereignty in your life.

If you fit the description and you would like to take the next step on your unique path, please get in touch! I’m offering a free connection call, so that we can both get a feel for each other and see, if we click.

“Deborah holds space in a very loving and kind way. She is empathic, authentic and wise. I felt more compassionate to myself thanks to her calm energy. Highly recommended.”
Paul W.


“Working with Deborah was a wonderful experience. I have never worked with a healer or intuitive with such power and capabilities. I was shocked (positively) by how much was accomplished.”


Do you want to go ahead a book a private session?

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Please note: Since I work with people from all over the globe with all different kinds of backgrounds and financial means, I’ve decided to offer a price range. Please, feel into your heart and choose the energy exchange that feels most aligned to you. ♡

If you have any questions or don’t find a time and date that suit you, please send me an email. Thank you!

“I have been lucky enough to work with Deborah in 1:1 sessions and group online programs. Before I started my soul journey with her I had never meditated.

My sessions have been focused on self-love, working with my intuition and connecting with my sacred sexuality. The meditations are beautiful and clear and I come out feeling perfectly aligned. My reiki healer has found since working with Deborah my chakras are now balanced and energy flow is strong.”

Amber Forder


“I was hesitant to book this session, as I had never experienced energy work before. As a man, I felt insecure about opening up to the flow of energy, but Deborah made me feel completely safe.

She guided me to connect with my heart and access my own inner guidance. I felt very calm and at peace afterwards and while I know that change takes time, I feel more optimistic about my future, because Deborah helped me remember that the most important thing is to be willing to take the first step.”



(c) 2018 Deborah Kindermann-Zeilinger