The other side of fear

An energy healing kit for dealing with trauma, anxiety and feelings of not being good enough.

If you’ve been struggling with fear, anxiety, feelings of not being good enough, low self-esteem, financial struggles, feelings of depression, and other symptoms that evidently block you from living the life of your dreams, this is for you.

In May I asked my tribe what kind of support they were looking for with regards to dealing with and transforming their fears. Since then it has grown so much bigger than this.

Fear and all of these programs of self-doubt and low self-esteem are protecting the door that grants you access to your own power. Walking up to and through that door is so scary.


This is an invitation to step into your power as a creative, multi-dimensional being.

Owning your power and your soul gifts is such a scary choice in our modern culture. I haven’t met a single intuitive who didn’t feel afraid of being judged and putting her- or himself out there, when s/he started sharing her/his gifts.

We have some really deep wounds to heal, but we have amazing support.

This energy clearing and activation along with some channeled information will support you to embrace your soul essence and finally feel safe, confident and at home in who you are.

This healing kit will support you with:

✧ releasing fear and feelings of not being good enough so that you can stand firmly in your power

✧ claiming what’s rightfully yours and living a life filled with joy, free self-expression, passion, lust, desire, surrender, playfulness, innocence, and all that your loving heart truly longs for

✧ embodying your soul gifts with confidence and fully trusting in your abilities

✧ feeling good about yourself and the choices you make

✧ calling in more money, more joy, more ease, and creating life on your terms

This healing kit contains:

✧ a powerful energy clearing and activation as mp3 (approx. 33min)

✧ a pdf booklet you can print out with

✧ insightful channeled messages on fear, why it’s in your life, how to deal with it and how it is connected to shame and what’s going on in the world

✧ powerful prompts on how to consciously understand the message of your fear, what it tries to protect you from, and how to connect with “the other side”

✧ optional: a private session for indiviual support tailored to your needs

Trust your inner calling and jump.

It is safe to trust your heart.

You are held. You are guided. You are supported.

Discover this wild, untamed, powerful aspect of yours that is no longer willing to hold back.

Start living a life free from inhibitions, trusting your own unique soul expression.

Feel safe and supported sharing your true self and claiming all these dreams of yours.

You know it is time.

Trust and jump.

We are already waiting for you.

On the other side. 

Choose what feels right for you

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Get it now and release all these fears that paralyse and block you, so that you can thrive and enjoy your life on this beautiful planet!

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Please note: Due to the digital nature of this healing kit, the purchase is non-refundable.

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